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Mulqueeny Eye Centers

Another Happy LASIK Patient!


I’ve worn glasses since age 10 and starting wearing contacts at age 13. My vision was bad and only got worse as a child, to the point my prescription was -7.25 and -6.75. I was always a little chicken about the surgery ( LASIK ) cause it’s my eyes and I need them so I dealt with the tedious daily tasks that come with contacts. Finally I got up my nerve and got a referral to Mulqueeny Eye Center from my mom’s ophthalmologist. I wish I had done this years ago! I love it! I now have 20/20 and 20/12.5 vision. It’s super awesome. I recommend to everyone that they have it done and see the experts at Mulqueeny Eye Center.


Melissa C.

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Dr Mulqueeny is friendly yet very professional. He cares about his patients and will take the time to talk and answer any questions. I would tell anyone to go see him.

-Kathy Rhodes
St. Louis, MO