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Mulqueeny Eye Centers

Today is World Sjogren's Day!

JoAnn DeRousse, COT Jul 23, 2012

The hallmark symptoms of Sjogren's Syndrome are dry eyes and dry…

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Friday Fun Fact - A Little Trivia about Cataract Surgery

JoAnn DeRousse, COT Jul 20, 2012

July is Cataract Awareness Month at Mulqueeny Eye Centers and we've been talking…

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Can Cataracts Affect How Well You Sleep?

Andrew J. Biondo, OD Jul 17, 2012

Some researchers now believe that cataract development - the yellowing of the intraocular…

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5 Precautions You Can Take Now to Delay Cataract Formation!

Andrew J. Biondo, OD Jul 10, 2012

Age, family history, gender, race and certain medical conditions are risk factors…

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Blurry Vision? 7 Signs That You May Be Developing Cataracts!

Andrew J. Biondo, OD Jul 08, 2012

Did you know that cataract formation is the leading cause of treatable blindness in all parts of the world?  The good news is that cataracts…

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Dr Mulqueeny is friendly yet very professional. He cares about his patients and will take the time to talk and answer any questions. I would tell anyone to go see him.

-Kathy Rhodes
St. Louis, MO