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Mulqueeny Eye Centers

Take This Test At Home for Macular Degeneration!


Amsler Grid Testing For Macular Degeneration

  1. Viewing Distance for Amsler Grid testing should be 12-14 inches.
  2. If you need glasses for near or close work, you should wear them while performing this check.
  3. Test each eye separately, while covering the opposite eye.
  4. Direct your gaze to the center dot.
  5. While concentrating on the center dot, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Can I see all of the four corners of the square?
  • Can I see all of the individual squares?
  • Are all of the lines straight, or do some look wavy, blurry or distorted?
  • Are there any holes or missing areas?

This test is a quick and easy way to determine defects in your vision due to macular degeneration.  If you notice that any of the lines do not look straight, are missing or distorted, you should call our office immediately. 

Look at the photos below for examples of abnormal amsler grid findings.




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