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Mulqueeny Eye Centers

Dr. Mulqueeny Featured in Ladue News

If you've been following our blog posts about macular degeneration, you know that it is a sight-stealing disease that is the leading cause of vision loss for adults over the age of 50.

Macular degeneration affects the macula in the retina which is responsible for our central or "straight ahead" vision.  It often manifests itself first by seeing distorted or wavy lines in your vision.  You can check your vision at home by using a amsler grid. Though this is not a replacement for annual eye health examinations, it is an easy way to check for subtle changes in your vision. 

Macular degeneration has a tendency to run in families, though there are other risk factors as well.  Age, gender, light skin, light eyes, weight, diet and smoking are all factors that may put you at higher risk of developing this disease.

As a result, many doctors are recommending dietary changes rich in antioxidants like those found in dark, green leafy vegetables and nutritional supplements containing lutein, zeaxanthin and omega-3 fatty acids as a means of prevention. 

Dr. Mulqueeny was quoted as saying “Omega-3s are kind of like the wonder supplement,” Not only do they help the back of the eye--the macula--but they help the front part of the eye with dry eye, as well as the skin, and the cardiovascular system and the joints.”  (Courtesy of the Ladue News)

For more vision tips or to schedule your eye health examination, call our office today at 314-542-3600.  Remember, prevention is the key to a lifetime of good vision!



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Dr Mulqueeny is friendly yet very professional. He cares about his patients and will take the time to talk and answer any questions. I would tell anyone to go see him.

-Kathy Rhodes
St. Louis, MO