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Mulqueeny Eye Centers

"Champions for Change" - Dr. Sean Mulqueeny Featured in Town & Style Magazine


Dr. Sean P. Mulqueeny and Mulqueeny Eye Centers were featured in the July 20th issue of Town & Style Magazine in a special section called "Champions for Change".  This section highlights individuals who are giving back to the community and making a difference in someone's life. 

"Through the Eyes of A Child"

In partnership with SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center, Dr. Mulqueeny has established "Through the Eyes of A Child" - Mulqueeny Eye Centers Children's Fund to benefit the children of Cardinal Glennon whose famillies can't afford eye care for their children.  To launch the project, Mulqueeny Eye Centers will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the Grand Opening of their new Optical Center on July 30th. The event features a live KMOX broadcast, pictures with Fredbird, a raffle for a free LASIK procedure, food, attendance prizes and more.  The event is open to the public.


An excerpt from the Town & Style article: 

by toni di martino

The average kid runs and jumps with an exuberance that puts Olympians to shame.  But not all kids can romp freely.  Some have vision defects that make every tentative step dangerous.  Undiagnosed or untreated ocular conditions can also hold kids back academically and socially.  "The sad truth is, way too many families can’t afford the kind of care needed to keep their kid’s eyes healthy," says optometrist Dr. Sean Mulqueeny, Director of Mulqueeny Eye Centers.  "We think every child is entitled to the best possible care and we decided to do something about it." 

So, in partnership with Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center,  Mulqueeny has established  “Through the Eyes of a Child” -  Mulqueeny Eye Centers Children’s Fund, which provides eye care for kids whose families can’t afford it.  To launch the project, a portion of the proceeds from the Grand Opening of Mulqueeny Eye Centers Optical, the new optical shop at the practices’ flagship offices in Creve Coeur, will go to the Fund. Because the fund is all about kids, the Grand Opening will be a family -friendly celebration with activities for everyone. 

Read the entire article here!

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