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Mulqueeny Eye Centers Friday Fun Fact


To find your blind spot,  follow the instructions below the diagram:












Directions for "Seeing" Your Blind Spot

First, close your left eye and stare at the cross with your right eye.  While you are looking at the cross, you should still be able to see the dot on the right without actually looking at it--using your peripheral vision.  While keeping your right eye on the cross and your left eye closed or covered, move slowly toward your computer screen.  You will notice that the spot will disappear at a certain distance and then reappear as you move even closer to your screen. 

What Causes the Blind Spot in Our Vision?

The optic nerve acts like a cable that connects the eye with the brain and allows us to interpret light stimulation of the retina (the back of the eye) as visual images.  The beginning of the optic nerve in the retina is called the optic nerve head.  Since there are no receptors (cones and rods) here, this area of the retina cannot respond to light stimulation and therefore cannot see images.  This is known as our blind spot and everyone has one in each eye.

Why aren't we aware of the blind spot in our vision?

Though we can't explain a "blind spot" when it comes to love and relationships, we can expain why we aren't aware of the physiological blind spot in our vision.  We aren't usually aware of it because when both eyes are open, the blind spot of one eye corresponds to an area of the retina that is "seeing" in the other eye.




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