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Mulqueeny Eye Centers

Free Macular Degeneration Risk Assessment Saturday, March 23

On Saturday, March 23, we will be performing free macular degeneration risk assessments in our office from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM.  A quick 5 minute screening with the QuantifEye® device along with your medical history will allow us to determine your risk for developing macular degeneration.

Do you know the risk factors associated with macular degeneration?  If you have family history or answer yes to two or more of the risk factors, you should see your eye care specialist.



QuantifEye® Macular Pigment Testing

Researchers have demonstrated that low amounts of pigment in the macula, the part of the retina responsible for central vision and fine detail, is a risk factor for developing AMD that we can identify by performing a simple in-office test using the QuantifEye® device.  

Based on your responses to varying degrees of blue light presented during the test, we can obtain a baseline measurement of the level of pigment present in your macula.  This score is called your MPOD Score and represents your Macular Pigment Optical Density present in the macula.  Higher levels of pigment act as a sort of  "sunscreen" for your macula, adding an extra layer of protection against developing the disease.

Lower levels of pigment indicate that you are at higher risk for developing AMD.  Supplements like EyePromise™ Restore contain important antioxidant vitamins and levels of lutein and zeaxanthin that are sometimes difficult to obtain through diet alone and can actually help you increase the pigment in your macula by including these in your diet.

Though macular degeneration has no cure, it can be prevented by identifying your risk factors BEFORE damage has occurred.  

Be sure to join us on Saturday for your free macular degeneration risk assessment or ask for this important test at your next eye examination.

Call our office at 314-542-3600 to schedule your appointment, or request an appointment online by clicking here.

Remember, prevention is the key to preserving your vision for your lifetime!








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Dr Mulqueeny is friendly yet very professional. He cares about his patients and will take the time to talk and answer any questions. I would tell anyone to go see him.

-Kathy Rhodes
St. Louis, MO